My journey started two years ago at the biggest beauty show in the world Cosmoprof Hong Kong. My aim was to do research on new Permanent makeup and Microblading products and exploring innovative and safe new methods to introduce to the South African market.  I noticed a lady on a clinic bed with black stuff all over her face, and it caught my attention!

Shocked by what I saw, I asked the lady at the stand: “What is that on her face?”

She smilingly answered, (she could most certainly see my intrigued and fascinated expression), “this is the latest beauty trend dear, and it’s called a Carbon Laser Peel, also known as the Hollywood Treatment!”

My next question was, “What exactly is on her face, and how will you remove it?”

She handed me some red protective glasses and said, “Have a look”.

She took a laser machine and started shooting away the black stuff. I was so amazed.  I couldn’t stop looking until all the black substance was removed from her face.

At this point, she had totally won me over and I wanted to know everything.
“What is that black substance?” I asked.
“It’s called Carbon; it is safe and medical grade. – That is why it is called Carbon Laser Peel Treatment.”

“But won’t the laser burn the skin?” I asked.
“No, it cannot hurt or burn the skin, as this is a beauty device operating at a very specific frequency that can be used on all types of skin. It’s a 3rd generation technology. It is NOT a Q-Switch Laser!  This means there’s NO risk of burning or scarring the skin.  It’s called an Original Solid Laser™.  We have taken out the Q-Switch and replaced it with a Solid Laser™.  The laser can be categorised as a soft laser and is classified as a Beauty Device, which makes it easy and safe to use. “

After my experience I started doing more research, on the different lasers that can do this treatment, I also went for a few different Hollywood Treatments myself, but the visible results with the Solid Laser™ spoke louder than words.

I was confident that this is something new and safe for all Beauty Salons and Clinics to use. I knew then that I wanted to bring this technology to South Africa. In January 2018, I brought my first SL Laser™ and my husband and I researched and learned more in-depth on how the laser operates.

The factory offered us an exclusive contract as suppliers for Africa and we took the opportunity as this was an incredible and safe product, adhering to all the necessary safety regulations, yielding fantastic results. SL Lasers™ was born!

Welcome To SL Lasers™

The 3rd Generation Lasers!

What is SL Lasers™ – 3rd Generation Lasers?

SL Lasers™ is the first Original Solid Laser™ classified as a Soft Laser Beauty Device. It is NOT a Q-Switch Laser!
This means… there is NO risk of burning and scarring the skin.  Easy to use with fantastic proven results!
Our Carbon Facial Peels™ AKA Black Diamond Hollywood Treatment™ has unprecedented results as seen in our before and after photos!

What is the difference between our Solid Laser™ and a Q-Switch laser?

We have removed the Q-Switch and replaced it with a Solid Laser™. We have different operating methods and tools such as handpieces and protective glasses.

Our Lasers are classified as a Beauty Device with international safety recognition.

SL Lasers CE:
Certificate NO: 10133970M

Why choose SL Lasers™?

Our results speak louder than words. We strive to improve lives through technology, quality products and training. We provide the latest technology, engineered to perfection for this generation.