Powder Brows | 1.5 Hours

Powder brows help clients achieve more of a powdered or ombre look instead of individual hair strokes. Powdered brows have a soft makeup look. 

Microblading | 1.5 Hours

Microblading creates natural looking, hair-
like strokes. Can last from 11 to 18 months,
depending on different factors. A Touch up
once a year is recommended to retain the
shape and saturation of pigment.

Hairstroke Brows | 1.5 Hours

Creates natural looking, hair-like strokes.
Feathering is for those with naturally full
brows that have sparse areas.

Combination Brows | 1.5 Hours

This is a combination of two techniques:
Microblading and powder brows (shading).
Hair-strokes are placed with a manual tool
around the brow for a natural look.


Lash Enhancement | 1.5 Hours

This treatment involves a light black line of pigment across the lashline, think of it as a light permanent eyeliner but with a very natural finish.

Eyeliner Top (Shaded or Thin) | 1.5 Hours

Winged / Thin / Thick / Smudged
This is where we implant pigment onto the
eyelid so it creates a thicker line. The client
no longer needs to apply eyeliner daily and
will give them the look of perfectly applied

Eyeliner Bespoke Top and Bottom | 1.5 Hours

We preform a natural upper eyeliner and
lower eyeliner. For a defined eye and
perfectly applied makeup look.


Lip Line and Blend | 1.5 Hours

With a lip line and blend procedure, we can
transform lips that have lost colour, contour,
and volume. With a natural end-result.

VELEVET Lips New | 3 Hours

I loved doing this new way of doing lips, no signs of trauma in the skin, heals very fast, and will heal in a stylish, luxurious mat lipstick.

Nude Lip | 1.5 Hours

Creating a nude and natural looking lip

Full Lip Colour| 1.5 Hours

Asymmetry is very common with lips and
affects how balanced the face looks. With a
full lip procedure, we can transform lips that have lost colour, contour, and volume.

Correctional Procedures

Correctional Procedures | 1.5 Hours (Time may vary depending on procedure)

We do suggest a consultation appointment first.

Areola | 1.5 Hours | Free

Laser Brow/Lipliner/Eyeliner Removal | 45 Mins

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