What is the difference?

The other day I had a conversation regarding permanent makeup with a client. With a very intense and shocked look, the lovely lady said: “But that is a tattoo…!” This conversation and reaction happens quite often and even new and upcoming permanent makeup technicians also get lost in translation. Put in the new buzz word Microblading and the question marks reappear all-over! The heading of this blog mentions the family, and strictly spoken all three procedures are related.

Firstly you have the tattoo.

He loves documenting his life journey. A hard head that enjoys telling stories by imprinting art on his skin in strategic areas personally picked out by him. A tattoo is drawn and imprinted with a tattoo machine also known as a coil machine. This is a very powerful machine that inserts pigment (ink) into the dermis layer, the deep layer of the skin. This makes the pigment (ink) permanent and very difficult to remove.

Permanent Makeup. The twin sister.

Permanent Makeup on the other hand liked the idea of having an eyeliner that never smudged when she goes swimming, jogging or when she goes to sleep. The only difference between her and her tattoo cousin is that her procedure is semi-permanent. The procedure is done with a permanent makeup rotary pen or machine inserting the pigment (ink) in the epidermis layer, the shallow part of the skin. You get different types of machines but the insertion of pigment (ink) remains in the epidermis. Our skin is a living organism and new skin cells are produced constantly, which cause the effect of permanent makeup to fade gradually over the years. This is why permanent makeup is semi-permanent.

Permanent Makeup - Eyeliner

Microblading. The aunt.

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery is a more conservative method of semi-permanent makeup that has been renewed and modified to last only 11 – 18 months. She loves having her eyebrows microbladed and shaded to make her eyebrows look fuller and shaped to enhance her facial features. The procedure is performed using a hand manual tool with specially designed blades. The skin is pierced with the blades and pigment (ink) inserted. This procedure also reaches the epidermis layer of the skin and is much shallower than the permanent makeup procedure. This is why the pigment (ink) only lasts for a maximum of 18 months and in rare cases a few months more.

The following diagram shows the “Family’s” interaction with the skin:

Costmetic Tattooing - Microblading

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