Permanent makeup procedures have grown considerably in the last decade. More and more woman are beginning to find the benefits of permanent makeup or as C Kimmel (2012) said, “Help came in the form of permanent cosmetics, tattooing for the face that more and more women are pursuing to enhance their looks.”

In an interview by C Kimmel (2012), Helen Leach said that she started to find it difficult to apply fine eyeliner and the rest of her makeup up close in the mirror in the mornings but permanent makeup has resolved this issue.

Many middle-aged women have the same problem and permanent makeup has proven to resolve this frustration and the best of it.

According to Suzy, “I can swim, cry, jog and the eyeliner will not come off!” S Neethling (2013) said “I saw my natural lip colour receding and after lots of research went and had my full lips done and never looked back. I just love my new lip colour and it looks so natural.”

I have seen a huge increase in the demand for permanent makeup as I myself are booked to the hour and find it very rewarding to see how pleased they are afterwards.

Permanent makeup can seem expensive at first glance but as C Kimmel (2012) reported, “The procedure isn’t cheap, but then neither are the myriad cosmetics that women buy, as evidenced by the multibillion-dollar cosmetic industry!”

There are many different permanent makeup procedures and SL Beauty Splendour (previously known as PMU Supplies) is the only permanent makeup company specialising in:


  • Traditional eyeliner
  • Designer eyeliner
  • Lash enhancement
  • Mucosal eyeliner
  • Eye shadow liner


  • Powder effect brows
  • Creating eyebrows
  • 3D Brows


  • Lip liner
  • Soft lip liner
  • Full lips
  • Full lips incl. a liner
  • Full lips incl. a soft lip liner
  • Sparkling lip gloss effect

Permanent makeup should not be painful and that is why we use the best numbing anaesthetic there is. Each area has its own specifically designed anaesthetic making each procedure very comfortable for the client. If you are thinking of having permanent makeup done it is important to ensure that you choose the correct technician and with the growing amount of technicians and permanent makeup companies it gets difficult to ensure that you have made the right choice.

I have done and are still doing many corrective techniques of poorly applied permanent makeup. O. Greyling (2014) said, “I was so ashamed of my face and avoided going out in public and as a result was diagnosed with depression. I wish I first researched more before I just jumped into the procedure, but thankfully now after having my permanent makeup corrected I feel much more confident and are able again to go out in public.”

There are many more stories like Mrs Greyling and this is one of the main reasons that I started ‘The Permanent Makeup Society of Southern Africa (PMSSA)’.

The public will now be able to see who in their area will be able to assist in their permanent makeup procedure and be assured of quality work (

Always ensure that you go for a consultation! Ask a lot of questions and talk about your concerns. Make sure the technician knows exactly what you want and what colour you want. Be assured that our pigments will never change colour or fade inconsistently due to that it does no consist of Iron oxide (please refer to SL Beauty Splendour for more info!).

C. Kimmel (2012), highlights that the US Food and Drug Association (FDA), states that there are many risks associated with permanent makeup regarding infection from non-sterile tattooing equipment, allergic reactions and the formulation of granulomas, nodules that may form around particles of tattoo pigment.

This is why our permanent makeup system is completely disposable ensuring a very hygienic experience.

We pride ourselves in that our technicians are properly trained to ensure that they have a safe permanent makeup environment and that they know how to do permanent makeup correctly the first time with our advanced techniques and quality products.