I have been writing about our Advance Permanent Makeup Techniques for the last couple of years.., sometimes receiving negative comments and attitudes towards our New Advance Way of Leaning & doing Permanent Makeup.

I would like to share a story of a client all the way from Cape Town who had a Shocking Bad Experience with a Permanent Makeup Procedure.

I was blessed to have this opportunity to change her negative experience with Permanent Makeup into a Positive Experience with our Advance Way of doing Permanent Makeup.. smileyEnjoy!!

“I would highly recommend Sulé for permanent make-up, the work she did fixing up the mess I had before is amazing.

I had my permanent makeup done by someone in Cape Town in December 2013 and regret not having done research before-hand.

Leading up to my appointment I asked if there were any do’s and don’ts to follow before the procedure and I was told no, just arrive and she’ll take it from there.

I had to lie still for 30 minutes with Emla cream on my eyes to numb the area, if I just slightly blinked it burnt like mad.  I have since read the package insert for Emla which states: “Avoid getting EMLA cream in your eyes, nose, or mouth. If you get EMLA cream in your eyes, rinse them with plenty of water.”

Fortunately I didn’t have any permanent damage from the cream, but it really made lying there with my eyes being worked on even more unpleasant as my eyes kept stinging and the pain was hardly numbed.

The way the makeup was applied was also very uncomfortable as there was a lot of downward pressure on my eyeball and I kept wanting to pull away pushing my head back into the pillow.

The woman who did my makeup sat on the one side of me while she did my left eye and then when she went to my right eye she moved around to the other side and said I had to lie really still as this is not her good side??!!

At the end of it all I had very swollen and bruised eyelids for a week and when the scabs came off I noticed that the 2 eyes did not look the same at all with one side noticeably thicker than the other.

I was supposed to go for a follow up 3 weeks later, but never went back as I didn’t want her making a bigger mess of my eyes.

When Sule offered to do my make-up I was a bit hesitant as my first experience was actually quite traumatic, but I really didn’t want to leave my eyes as they were, so took her up on her offer.

She sent me a pre-procedure protocol to follow for a few days leading up to my appointment which would help reduce the swelling and pain.

When I arrived for my appointment she sat with an eye pencil showing me what the end result would look like before she started – I never had this done before – when I asked the previous place if she had pictures for me to look at for her to understand what I wanted done, she said all the pictures are on their website, I should have looked there and had to then verbally explain what I wanted done.

Sule then used her own numbing cream that is more suitable for the eye area and it hardly burnt at all, she then went over each eye once before numbing the area a second time.

The way she worked was not uncomfortable at all, there was no downward pressure on my eyeball and she also went into the corners of my eyes properly where previously I had hard blunt edges that didn’t go into the corners.

It was nowhere near as painful as my first experience and there was hardly any swelling immediately after and a day later there was no swelling at all.

I was given a tub of after-treatment care to apply for the next few days and a 3 page document of what to do and expect after treatment, I then also had a phonecall from her office the next day asking how I was feeling and if I was happy – I never had any of this at the previous place.

The scabs have come off now and I am over the moon with the results! It looks so natural, both eyes are even and because the lines go into the corners of my eyes properly it doesn’t look harsh and dramatic like it did before.

Thank you Sulé!!!