FACT: About Colour Changing Eyebrows

Pink eyebrows like these (and other funny colours) are caused by pigments used that contains iron oxide!
Me, and other specialists that are in association with SL Beauty Splendour (previously known as PMU Supplies), DO NOT make use of such pigments!
We use organic and in-organic pigments, that DO NOT contain iron oxide!

Colour Changing Eyebrows

Years ago when I first started doing permanent makeup I was trained with pigments like these… They contained iron oxide.

At first, the procedures with this iron oxide looked great and all my clients were happy, up until sometime later when they returned with pink and blue eyebrows and eyeliner.

I was shocked to see this colour change and after research found that it is the iron oxide in the pigment that causes colour changes.

In all my studies and research I found that all the companies claim that their pigments are FDA approved, but found that only some of the ingredients in the pigment are approved but not the final product as a whole. In my current readings of ‘Corrective Tattooing’, it is stated that iron oxide can cause serious pain and burning when receiving an MRI and that the body naturally absorbs the iron which causes fading of the pigment. For the simple reason stated above, we use and recommend organic pigments, they are hypo-allergenic and MRI safe.