Waxing gives you silky smooth skin and finer regrowth.

Whether you are after a basic bikini wax, underarm, or full chest and back, our experienced therapist can help remove any unwanted hair you may have hygienically.

We offer waxing for men and women. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best – with silky smooth skin.

Waxing gives you:

  • immediate results
  • no itching, shaving rash, or nasty cuts
  • less regrowth than shaving or creams
  • finer regrowth than other methods
  • better skin condition thanks to the removal of dead, flaky skin

To make an appointment call SL Bespoke Permanent Makeup & Beauty today or book online to make an appointment at our salon. And if you are just starting your beauty and skincare journey, why not book an eyebrow shape or lash lift too!

Wax Prices


Underarm wax – 20 Mins
Basic bikini – 20 Mins
Extended bikini – 30 Mins
Thigh wax – 30 Mins
Brazillian 1st wax – 30 Mins
Brazillian maintenance – 30 Mins
Brazillian & thigh wax – 1 Hour
Half arm wax – 20 Mins
Half leg wax – 30 Mins
3/4 Leg wax – 30 Mins
Full leg wax – 50 Mins
Body waxing patches – 10 Mins
Stomach – 30 Mins


Lip wax – 20 Mins
Chin wax – 20 Mins
Chin & lip wax – 20 Mins
Full face wax – 30 Mins
Face waxing patches – 10 Mins
Ear waxing – 20 Mins
Nose wax – 20 Mins


Back wax – 30 Mins
Full leg wax – 40 Mins
Half leg wax – 30 Mins
Chest and back wax – 1 Hour

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