SL Beauty SplendourThere is an old scenario of three importers: “I bought my product from the US. That is nice!! I bought mine from Germany! Wow, I bought mine from France…”

The moment they compare all three was manufactured in China! Which one is superior, probably the one with the correct spelling!!

In permanent makeup the same scenario is playing as that the international market on permanent makeup is a vast endless one. New technology and new developments in permanent makeup will always continue. Hard work and thorough research are much needed to divide the cream from the crop.

SL Beauty Splendour‘s (previouly known as PMU Supplies) belief is to go with the changes, but with caution. Always test, try and research every option before making a statement or a claim on a product. Having a name like “Bomb”, “Cronos”, “Atomic”, “Super” etc. does not make the product superior. It is the actual manufacturer and result of the product tested that initiates the start of establishing the quality of the product.

To some extent, the price can also indicate quality products, but this method has also sometimes been proofed wrong. A more affordable rotary pen vs a more expensive digital permanent makeup machine has shown that the rotary pen creates better natural-looking permanent makeup and helps with lower operating cost keeping permanent makeup affordable for everyone. The digital machine again clogged and froze.

You do get quality digital permanent makeup machines and many other quality permanent makeup machines. Finding the one for you will involve research. One tip is that if someone claims the machine is not from China, it probably is as that the majority permanent makeup machines are manufactured there and they do make some decent machines, but you will then pay a decent price.

PMU Supplies has three different types of machines to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Al three have been tried and tested and each machine has perfect results. We strive for quality and innovation and our portfolio is proof of the quality permanent makeup done by each machine.

Our Royal Rotary Pen is the perfect affordable permanent makeup machine for the novice in permanent makeup who does not want to spend too much.

Our PMUTech Touch is our digital permanent makeup machine with profound precision for the one who is looking for something different and modern.

Our Oron 57 is our cream of the crop. Suitable for permanent makeup, paramedical procedures and hair follicle simulation in one. Procedure time has been decreased by 90% with this machine and ink insertion is incomparable to other machines. The quality crafted Oron 57 is manufactured in Israel and is just a pleasure to do permanent makeup with.

Be cautious when someone tells you that, that company’s machine is crap because that person has never used that machine and does not know the machine. Rather listen to those who actually use the machine as that they will not hide the truth purposefully.