The wonderful thing about SL Beauty Splendour‘s (previously known as Permanent Makeup Technology) pigments is that you can do with it the same as what you would with normal makeup!! With the right technique and pigment, you can create natural-looking makeup as seen here in my own work in the pictures I took. Our pigments mimic the appearance of makeup and whatever eye makeup you think of can also be done with our pigments and techniques.

We can create:

  • Thin lines
  • Thick lines
  • Soft lines
  • Smudge lines
  • Dramatic line (liquid effect)
  • Mucosal line (very safe technique)
  • Lash enhancement (makes your lashes look fuller)
  • Smokey eyes effect,
  • Eye shadow line (an example is someone women wears a liquid eyeliner on their top lid and wears  only eye shadow on the bottom lid whereby we mimic this with the eye shadow line)
  • and or even eye shadow can be mimicked

Please read about the eyeliners I have done here!

How do you wear your eyeliner

  1. Our organic pigments will never migrate and create perfect linked eyeliners, because of the pigment’s stability.
  2. This is a traditional eyeliner with a liquid effect on the top lid and lash enhancement at the bottom.
  3. Traditional eyeliner top and bottom with a very thin line on the bottom lid.
  4. Designer eyeliner – Top black soft line, and bottom charcoal smudge line, this was taken immediately after, and the lines will heal much softer.
  5. Traditional eyeliner top and bottom, with black.
  6. Traditional eyeliner with a thicker line on the top lid and a thinner line on the bottom lid.
  7. This is a mucosal eyeliner on the bottom lid and a lash enhancement on the top lid.