As the leader in permanent makeup training, the company teaches the most advanced techniques and supplies top quality permanent makeup products. It was being part of the permanent makeup industry for over 10 years that motivated Sulé Loggenberg to make it her life’s mission to provide the best possible training, with the best-advanced techniques and equipment.

SL Academy (previously known as Permanent Makeup Technology) offers three permanent makeup kits pre-selected by Sulé Loggenberg to allow prospective students to select a kit that suits their budget. In the top of the range Deluxe kit, the student receives both types of pigment supplied by SL Beauty Splendour (previously known as PMU Supplies).

As a member of the Permanent Makeup Society International, SL Beauty Splendour uses only organic and in-organic pigments. The organic pigment creates natural-looking permanent makeup on the eyes, brows and lips. The added advantage of these pigments is that they reduce the risk of an allergic reaction due to the carbon chemistry of the pigment. The in-organic pigments are derived from ores and are also the ones that are best tolerated. They are stable and non-toxic and best used on the lip area and for creating dramatic eyeliners.

SL Academy also offers courses on Paramedical (Skin Needling, Tattoo Removal, 3D Areola Reconstruction), Eyelash Extensions, Semi-Permanent Mascara, Status Eyebrows and 3D Brow Training. From 2014 Professional Makeup Courses with Status Cosmetics (a new division) will be offered.

Training takes place at the training centre in the lovely quaint little town of Parys. Accommodation is available right across from the training centre with the lowest rates and highest quality of service. All training days include lunch at the training centre. For those who would like to do the training but are not able to go to Parys, SL Academy has a travelling trainer who provides training in the student’s own environment.

SL Academy is an internationally accredited trainer. After completing your course not only will you become part of the Permanent Makeup Society International, you will also receive an internationally accredited certificate which will allow you to work anywhere in the world.