When thinking of permanent makeup procedures most clients think pain, blood and bruising. Unfortunately, this idea was conceptualised through the procedures done by permanent makeup artists not properly trained, as well as the numbing products used are either of poor quality or not correctly applied.

Fortunately, PMU Supplies (previously known as Permanent Makeup Technology) has exclusive high-quality numbing anaesthetics specifically formulated for each different area and is now changing this concept. These numbing anaesthetics help to prevent bruising and swelling and promotes better pigment intake in the skin. When applying our numbing anaesthetics on the brow and lip area the client will not feel anything. When doing an eyeliner procedure the client will only feel an itching sensation when using our specifically formulated numbing anaesthetic for the eye area.

Permanent makeup should never be painful. And with PMU Supplies you can be assured of that. The picture below is a perfect example of what an area looks like when it is completely numb.

PMU Supplies leads where others follow.