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November 2018

The Black Diamond Laser Treatment™ vs Chemical Peels


You have probably heard about Carbon Laser Peels or Chemical Peels and how they can help with one’s skin imperfections. But how do you know which treatment is right for you? The Black Diamond Laser Treatment™ This treatment is also known as the “Hollywood Peel”. A medical-grade Carbon cream is applied to the treatment area [...]

The Black Diamond Laser Treatment™ vs Chemical Peels2019-07-25T14:50:30+00:00

September 2018

The story behind SL Lasers ™


My journey started two years ago at the biggest beauty show in the world Cosmoprof Hong Kong. My aim was to do research on new Permanent makeup and Microblading products and exploring innovative and safe new methods to introduce to the South African market.  I noticed a lady on a clinic bed with black stuff [...]

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June 2017

The Tattoo, Permanent Makeup and Microblading Family


What is the difference? The other day I had a conversation regarding permanent makeup with a client. With a very intense and shocked look, the lovely lady said: "But that is a tattoo…!" This conversation and reaction happens quite often and even new and upcoming permanent makeup technicians also get lost in translation. Put in [...]

The Tattoo, Permanent Makeup and Microblading Family2019-08-05T08:42:04+00:00

January 2016

What is Microblading?


Microblading, the much talked about topic in Permanent Makeup today! But what is Microblading? Microblading (or eyebrow embroidery) is a relatively new, manual method. It is considered to be semi-permanent, as compared to the traditional hair stroke technique. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. Because we’re impacting [...]

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June 2015

Lilly and Rosie


I was contacted by Dr J Kok from the Driehoek Veterinary Hospital regarding Albinism (congenital absence of normal pigmentation in the body) on two white Maltese Poodles named Rosy and Lilly and he requested that I apply permanent makeup to each.  Rosy was partially affected around the eyelids and nose and Lilly was affected around [...]

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March 2015

What you should know about Permanent Makeup machines and products


There is an old scenario of three importers: “I bought my product from the US. That is nice!! I bought mine from Germany! Wow, I bought mine from France…” The moment they compare all three was manufactured in China! Which one is superior, probably the one with the correct spelling!! In permanent makeup the same [...]

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August 2014

Why more and more women choose to do Permanent Makeup


Permanent makeup procedures have grown considerably in the last decade. More and more woman are beginning to find the benefits of permanent makeup or as C Kimmel (2012) said, “Help came in the form of permanent cosmetics, tattooing for the face that more and more women are pursuing to enhance their looks.” In an interview [...]

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April 2014

Did Your Eyebrows Change Colour, after Permanent Makeup?


FACT: About Colour Changing Eyebrows Pink eyebrows like these (and other funny colours) are caused by pigments used that contains iron oxide! Me, and other specialists that are in association with PMU Supplies (previously known as Permanent Makeup Technology), DO NOT make use of such pigments! We use organic and in-organic pigments, that DO NOT [...]

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February 2014

How Do You Wear Your Eyeliner?


The wonderful thing about PMU Supplies's (previously known as Permanent Makeup Technology) pigments is that you can do with it the same as what you would with normal makeup!! With the right technique and pigment, you can create natural-looking makeup as seen here in my own work in the pictures I took. Our pigments mimic [...]

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A New Generation in Advanced Permanent Makeup Training


As the leader in permanent makeup training, the company teaches the most advanced techniques and supplies top quality permanent makeup products. It was being part of the permanent makeup industry for over 10 years that motivated Sulé Loggenberg to make it her life’s mission to provide the best possible training, with the best-advanced techniques and [...]

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